About us

About Kimwood

Kimwood offers specialized services in home renovations and construction.

With decades of experience and expertise, Kimwood brings a level of quality unmatched in construction and renovations inside the home - and out.

Coordination with contractors can be stressful. Kimwood is a small, specialized team, and we recognize the importance of communication and adhering the goals of our customers. One of our greatest strengths is communication with clients to assist them in the design and cost management of the project. During the past 20 years, we have established strong business relationships with suppliers and subcontractors who provide the necessary components in our construction.

A home has to feel like home, and that's why proper design is imperative. Over the years, Kimwood has developed a keen eye for arrangement and spacial planning. You're home alterations are in safe hands.

Why Choose Us

Our company offers a wide range of services, from construction and renovation consultations to custom made specialty furniture.

Specialty Products

The company is specialized in unique home-renovations and space-specific, millwork designed cabinets and furniture. During the past 40 years, the team has designed, built and installed countless cabinets, and has custom made many types of furniture in customer's homes. Our experience evolved from many years of new home construction to specialization in unique furniture pieces.


Trust and communication have been the keystones to Kimwood's client relationships. Many clients have little understanding of costs and appropriate use of products in home renovation or construction projects. Acting as a ‘middle-man’ between the home owner and the contractors ensures the client is served properly, and that a trusted, independent advisor is only an arm's length away throughout the construction.


Alongside consultations, Kimwood offers a combination of services in which we install custom-made, specialty products inside your home. If you're thinking of adding some memorable additions to your interior, contact us for information on how we can help.